MEDIGREIF group of companies

OMR Prof. Dr. sc. med. Dietmar Enderlein
chairman of the board

Dipl.-Jur. Klaus Schilling member of the board

Members of the board:   OMR Prof. Dr. sc. med. Dietmar Enderlein
                                    Dipl.-Jur. Klaus Schilling

Mesdames, messieurs, dear visitors, guests and partners,

We wish you a heartfelt welcome to the internet pages of the MEDIGREIF group of companies.

The MEDIGREIF group of companies is a network of businesses based in the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with its headquarters in the Hanseatic and University City of Greifswald.

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the MEDIGREIF group operates a hospital and five rehabilitation clinics as well as a centre for health and medical care.

In the state of Saxony-Anhalt there are four clinics, of which three are active in basic health care.

The Health and Medical Centre at the company headquarters in Greifswald includes the Park Clinic, the Professional Training College, the Elderly People's Residence, the SINUS Health Sport and Wellness Centre, the Parkhotel with its bistro and the head office of the Hansen & Enderlein Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Technology Facility.

Since its foundation in 1990, the MEDIGREIF network has grown steadily and currently comprises 21 companies with 1,863 employees. In 2009 the total was provided of 157,9 million Euros. In the coming months and years, the group of companies will consolidate further and provide its employees and partners with a secure and stable company structure.

The following pages offer you concise information about the facilities of our group of companies. You also have the chance to learn about current activities and situations vacant or, should you have questions or suggestions, to get in touch with us.

The board of directors would like to take the opportunity at this juncture to thank all employees, business partners and friends for their excellent cooperation in the past years.

OMR Prof. Dr. sc. med. Dietmar Enderlein               Dipl.-Jur. Klaus Schilling
- chairman of the board -               - member of the board -

MEDIGREIF Unternehmensgruppe

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